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There are different types of immigration programs and classes. The first thing is to define, through an initial consultation, which program best suits your circumstances and objectives. From this definition begins the process where we, with our experience and credentials, relieve the burden accompanying you and representing you throughout this journey.


30 Min

When filling out the form with your data, we carry out a preliminary analysis of your case and indicate the potential solutions for your immigration process to Canada. When filling out the form, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule a consultation.


1 Hour

The 1 hour consulting service consists of a more detailed analysis of your case, answering all the questions you may have, based on all the details of the case and providing the best ways to process your case and what that entails. This service has an associated cost, when filling out the form, you will receive an email with the instructions to schedule the consultation. The cost of the consultation is deducted from the total cost of processing your case (if you hire us to represent you in your immigration process).

Permanent Residence

To immigrate to Canada permanently, there are several classes and / or programs:

Express Entry (Skilled Worker, Skilled Trade, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program)

Designed for professionals or technicians with work experience.

Family Reunification (Sponsorship)

Designed for people living in Canada as citizens or permanent residents who wish to bring their family member permanently to Canada.

Provincial nominees

Designed for professionals or technicians with work experience, specifically for a particular province.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot program

Designed for international students (in the Atlantic provinces in Canada) and professionals or technicians with work experience.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Designed for professionals or technicians with work experience and a job offer (from one of the participating communities) or graduate students from a post-secondary study (in one of the participating communities).

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

Designed for workers in the agriculture area.

Business Class (Start up visa (new business ideas), Self-employed)

Designed for start-ups (new business ideas) and self-employed in the cultural or athletic areas.


Designed for people dedicated to caring for elderly people and children.

Temporary Residence Visa

Options to come temporarily to Canada to study, work or visit:

Work Permits (including Labour Market Impact Assessment - LMIA)

Visitor Visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTAs)

Study Permits

Translations and Commission of documents (affidavits certification)

In our offices we offer the service of translations and certification of affidavits. In the immigration process there are many documents that are required to be submitted with affidavits. All documents in a language other than the official languages of Canada (English or French) must be translated.

Rehabilitation and Record Suspension

This service exists for those who wish to come to Canada temporarily or permanently who have had situations with the justice department or have committed an act that in Canada is considered an offence. This process is about how to apply under these circumstances.

Canadian Citizenship

Once you become a permanent resident in Canada and reach the required time, you can become a Canadian Citizen through this citizenship application process.


Appeals for residency, sponsorship, among others.

Make the Move

Start Your Immigration Process Today

Time is short, if you know that your desire is to immigrate to Canada, don’t procrastinate it and start your process now. Migration laws change and migration processes are long and complex. In addition, for most immigration programs, age is a factor to consider, the longer you wait, the less attractive you are for the country. Start TODAY.